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Trimble GNSS MPS865 with 450 Radio and Beacon - Rover 7/2 Precision

The Trimble® MPS865 receiver is a highly versatile, rugged and reliable Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) marine positioning solution that comes with a variety of integrated communications options, such as Bluetooth, WiFi, UHF radio, cellular modem, MSK beacon receiver, and two MSS L-band channels to receive Trimble RTX correction services. The modular design of the receiver allows for maximum flexibility on how the receiver can be used, such as a base station, an RTK rover, for on-board marine vessels, and so forth. The rugged design of the aluminum receiver housing protects the investment, especially in tough field environments. GLONASS is standard, other constellation available via upgrade.

Rover 7/2 Precision: Location RTK with precise vertical (7cm Horz / 2cm Vert).

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Multi Constellation

Keep productive when in a congested marine site or when antennas are partly obstructed on a marine vessel.

Cellular Inside

The Trimble MPS865 marine receiver has cellular inside - it’s now easier to use base-station-free VRS on a site as well as communicate with the receiver via the internet and SMS. The receiver can also be used as a data access-point on the vessel to download design files or for immediate remote support.

MSK Beacon Support

The multi-constellation option maintains productivity in congested sites or when antennas/satellites are partly obstructed. At many sites, the receiver can use free-to-air beacon support. When coupled with the GA830 antennas the MPS865 will receive the free to air beacon signals to deliver sub-meter accuracy horizontal positioning in many parts of the world.

Dual Antenna

Save money and installed space when the MPS865 maintains precise heading without the need for GNSS corrections or a gyro compass.

Receiver and Heading in One

The built-in precise heading feature also ensure the minimal size of the unit with less power consumption, and less cabling required. Ideal when space it at a premium.