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Metrotech VM850 Pipe & Cable Locator – Used – Excellent

The Metrotech VM850 Pipe & Cable Locator is Used and in excellent condition. Tested by a Certified Trimble technician and ready to use in the field. Includes a 30-Day Warranty. Click to order or call us at 877-300-9659 if you have any questions (mention you saw it on the website).

VM850 Kit includes:

  • VM850 Transmitter
  • Cable Locator
  • Carrying Case
  • Direct Connection Lead
  • USB Cable
  • Grounding Rod
  • Power Supply


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The VM-850 is designed specifically as a single frequency true left/right locator with separated twin response left/right antennas. The antenna system in the locator is different to a normal locator. Instead of placing antennas on the same center line, one antenna is offset to the right and another to the left. This together with extremely sensitive electronics enables the locator to find which antenna is receiving the strongest signal and therefore indicate which direction one should move to be over the buried line. Other locators look for the trend in the increase or decrease of signal strength from inline antennas. Distance Sensitive Left/Right GuidanceTM Left/Right location provides a much sharper crisp response making the position of the buried line easier to pinpoint.

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