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Trimble R12 GNSS Receiver - Base and Rover Mode

Powered by the all-new Trimble® ProPoint™ GNSS engine, the Trimble R12 pushes the boundaries of GNSS performance. Enabling you to confidently measure in a wider range of environments, it improves performance and productivity, and empowers you to measure faster in more places than ever before. The R12 is engineered for improved performance in challenging GNSS conditions with ground-breaking signal management and rugged durability. Get ready to go further than you ever thought possible.

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More than 30% better performance in challenging environments*

Accurate: A precise solution for repeatable results.

Reliable: Real time error estimates in Trimble Access that empower the surveyor.

Productive: Faster convergence means less time spent measuring points in the field.

Trimble R12 features at a glance

  • Trimble ProPoint™ GNSS Technology Improved performance in challenging GNSS conditions**, with groundbreaking signal management that leverages the latest developments in GNSS signal infrastructure and Trimble receiver hardware
  • Trimble SurePoint™ Technology Precise position capture with eBubble and compass-based tilt compensation
  • Trimble CenterPoint® RTX Corrections Technology Provides RTK level precision worldwide without the need for a base station or VRS network
  • Trimble 360 Technology 672 channels with support for all available and future GNSS signals, and improved protection from interference and spoofed signals
  • Trimble xFill® Technology Keeps you working in radio and cellular black spots with continuous RTK coverag


Trimble R12 Configuration Level - R12 Base and Rover Mode
Trimble R12, Model 60, ROW
Power Supply 


Max. Precision: 8 mm Horizontal / 15 mm Vertical
Channels: 672
Antenna: Integrated
UHF Radio: Receive & Transmit
RTK Compatible: Yes
xFill: Yes
Memory: 6 GB
Cellular: Yes
Satellites: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, SBAS

*In head-to-head testing with the Trimble R10-2 in challenging GNSS environments such as near and among trees, and built environments, the Trimble R12 receiver performed at least 30 percent better across a variety of factors, including time to achieve survey precision levels, position accuracy and measurement reliability.

**Challenging GNSS environments are locations where the receiver has sufficient satellite availability to achieve minimum accuracy requirements, but where the signal may be partly obstructed by and/or reflected off of trees, buildings, and other objects. Actual results may vary based on user's geographic location and atmospheric activity, scintillation levels, GNSS constellation health and availability, and level of multipath and signal occlusion.