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Trimble SX12 Scanning Total Station

Trimble SX12 Scanning Total Stationis built for seamless workflow integration and better, faster results in every field.  It combines innovative technology with simple and intuitive functionality to help you save time, maximize efficiency and get more done in the field. 

Trimble SX12 features at a glance

  • High accuracy total station, high quality scan data
  • Quick data capture, even at long range
  • Vivid, eye-safe laser pointer
  • Simple navigation and documentation with Trimble VISION™ camera system

Integrated System

► Collect survey data, VISIONTM imagery, and high-speed scans easilywithTrimbleAccessTM fieldsoftwareandtheSX12’s Lightning 3DM

► Process seamlessly with Trimble Business CenterTM office software,orwithTrimbleRealWorks® OfficeSoftwareformore advanced scan processing

► Share with anyone using web-based Trimble Clarity

► Rely on your equipment for years to come with the Trimble


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Extended Capabilities: Do More When it Matters Most

The SX12 merges high-speed 3D scanning, precision total station measurement, enhanced Trimble Vision and a green focusable laser pointer — all tied together with familiar field and office workflows for end-to-end efficiency.


  • Achieve both high-speed scanning and ultra-accurate measurements in a single instrument using 3DM with Lightning™ technology.
  • Get fast, flawless hi-res captures with a high-resolution camera system and enhanced Trimble VISION.
  • Trust MagDrive™ and Autolock®


  • Move fluidly between total station functionality, scanning, and image capture all in one tool.
  • Benefit from expanded capabilities for surveying with tailored workflows for tunneling, underground mining and monitoring.

Easy to Use

  • Use familiar Trimble Access™ field software workflows and integrate seamlessly with Trimble Business Center™ and Trimble RealWorks office software.
  • Just open your data and get to work— no registration necessary—and share your output with anyone using web‑based Trimble Clarity.

Also works with the NEW Trimble R12i Integrated GNSS system and the NEW Trimble T100 tablet!