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Trimble X9 3D Laser Scanning System Kit (BYOD)

The Trimble X9 3D Laser Scanner has proven innovations like automatic calibration, self-leveling and a laser pointer plus enhanced range, accuracy, and speed to do jobs better and faster. See the available kits with Trimble Perspective software for a complete system with powerful in field registration workflows and full project visibility to validate projects in the field. Trimble X9 bring your own device kit with Perspective software, carbon fiber tripod, quick release and backpack.

Built on proven Trimble laser scanning technologies that include automatic instrument calibration, self leveling and laser pointer for georeferencing, the Trimble X9 with Trimble Perspective software, delivers from field to office with confidence.

Built upon innovative and trusted Trimble technology. 

Performance and function to meet changing project requirements. 

Ease of use with dependable data and robust design for demanding environments. 


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Trimble X9 3D laser scanner features


  • Self calibrating for dependable data every scan.
  • Survey grade self leveling for fast, easy setup.
  • IP55 environmental protection against dust and water.
  • Wide operating temperature range to keep you working all year long.


  • Fast scan times of less than 1 minute can be reached for fast project completion.
  • 150 m range to put more projects within reach.
  • High accuracy and low range noise point cloud data for detailed digital twins.


  • High speed scanning up to 1 million pts/s.
  • Better range, angular accuracy and data quality to support a wider range of applications.
  • Enhanced sensitivity for standard scans to capture difficult dark or shiny surfaces.
  • Flexible operation with tablet, phone, or one-button workflow.

Trimble Perspective Software

  • In-field registration.
  • In-field 3D data visualization.
  • Georeferencing with laser pointer and precision point.
  • Area scan for higher density on critical areas.

Trimble X9 Applications:

  • Topographic / General Surveys
  • Civil Infrastructure
  • Industrial Survey
  • Forensics
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Digital Twin
  • Tank - Calibration & Inspection
  • Ship Building Surveys

Use with Trimble Laser Scanning Software: