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TruPulse 200 Laser Rangefinder - Feet/Yards

The TruPulse 200 is not just a simple rangefinder. It is a highly sophisticated, easy to operate, handheld laser that measures far more than just distance and angle. It has Advanced Targeting Modes and TruTargeting Technology but also offers a higher level of distance and inclination accuracy along with increased scope magnification and wireless communication to Windows Mobile or Android devices. Units of Measure: Feet/Yards ONLY.

New and Improved!

  • 33% more accurate
  • 25% better target acquisition
  • Wireless communication included
  • 2-year limited warranty

Ultimate Mobility

  • Fits in most work vest pockets and is lightweight enough to comfortably hang from a neck strap
  • LTI’s reflectorless technology allows you to capture data safely and conveniently to practically any target or surface type
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Superior Optics

  • Easily see your target with the crystal-clear 7-power optics and always get the best focus with the adjustable eye diopter
  • View all your data values right in the scope and instantly receive feedback on your measurement accuracy

TruTargeting Technology

  • Capture the correct measurement to your intended target by choosing from any of the 4 targeting modes
  • Consistently achieve highly accurate and repeatable results that true professionals need to do their job
  • Have better aiming stability and increased precision by connecting to a tripod or using a remote trigger

Ideal Applications:
Telecommunications: Antenna Height, Spans/Clearances, Attachment Separation
Electric Utility: Vegatation Management, Conductor Clearances, Attachment Heights
Forestry: Tree Heights, Buffer Zones, Road Engineering

Units of Measure: Feet/Yards

2-year limited warranty


Targeting Modes:
Closest: Distinguishes near and far objects and identifies the closest target 
Farthest: Distinguishes near and far objects and identifies the farthest target 
Continuous: Provides constant updates while shooting multiple targets
Filter: Measures through dense foliage by recognizing only a highly reflective target