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TruPulse 200L Laser Rangefinder

The TruPulse 200L was designed to make professional measurements at an affordable price. This versatile handheld laser measures much more than just distance and angle. The TruPulse 200L uses advanced TruTargeting technology and premium built-in features for reliable results trusted by true professionals.

New and Improved!

  • 50% more accurate
  • Higher range resolution
  • More affordable
  • 2-year limited warranty

Best Value for the Price

  • Low-priced professional laser with built-in calculations for Horizontal Distance, Height and 2D Missing Line
  • Range up to 1750 m (5,740 ft) away to non-reflective targets
  • Achieve ± 0.5 m (1.6 ft) range accuracy
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Measures slope distance and inclination and calculates horizontal distance, vertical distance, height and 2D missing line values. The TruPulse 200L costs less than high-end recreational rangefinders and has the ability to produce professional results. Take advantage of LTI's Advanced Targeting Modes (Closest, Farthest, Continuous and Filter) and TruTargeting Technology so you know exactly what accuracy level is being achieved.

TruTargeting Technology

  • View all your data values right in the scope and instantly receive feedback on your measurement accuracy
  • Choose from the four targeting modes to capture the correct measurement to your intended target

Simple Operation

  • Rely on easy to understand graphical symbols to know what each displayed calculation represents
  • Navigate through the targeting modes with icons that are commonly seen in cameras

Ideal Applications:
Construction: Crane Clearance, Heights, Slope Grades
Utilities: Antenna Height, 2D Span, Clearances
Forestry: Tree Heights, Buffer Zones, ROW Clearances

Units of Measure: Feet/Yards/Meters

2-year limited warranty


Targeting Modes:
Closest: Distinguishes near and far objects and identifies the closest target 
Farthest: Distinguishes near and far objects and identifies the farthest target 
Continuous: Provides constant updates while shooting multiple targets
Filter: Measures through dense foliage by recognizing only a highly reflective targetSpecs-200L

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