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TruPoint 300 Total Station

The TruPoint 300 is the laser measurement tool that professionals worldwide want to have in their hands. This ground-breaking product is a small, lightweight and compact total station ideal for use in applications such as Crash & Crime Scene Investigation, GIS, Surveying, Construction, Electric Utilities and many more. Provides survey-grade accuracy, offers onboard data storage and calculations all in a compact laser.

How the TruPoint 300 Total Station Measures Up:

  • Obtains missing line measurements using MapStar Angle Technology.
  • Operates easily with step-by-step icons and a color display screen.
  • Provides high quality, accurate, easy to see targets measuring to every time with the 4X Zoom camera.
  • Collects and stores 3D measurement coordinates in DFX format. 

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Measures distance, inclination and horizontal angles and calculates area, volume, heights, 2-D slope and 3-D missing line values using LTI's MapStar Angle Technology. The TruPoint 300 is one of the most compact and affordable total stations in the world and offers both a red-dot or the built-in 4X zoom camera for aiming.

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